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Ever the optimist, I like to believe that some day mankind might finally recognise my genius and grant me mastery over a new TV show. Here you’ll find short pitches for a few of the TV shows I’d like to make, ranging from documentaries covering travel (obvs!), history and politics to scripted dramas and sitcoms.

I’ve already done all the hard work… all you have to do is give me a call.

The Odyssey Season 2

Travel Documentary 8x30mins

Lonely Planet’s The Odyssey aka Graham’s World covered the first year of The Odyssey Expedition. It was commissioned by Nat Geo Adventure, produced by Lonely Planet TV and distributed by BBC Worldwide. It has been screened in more than 50 countries around the world, including India and China. Travel Channel owns the rights to broadcast the first season in the United States until 2020.

THE ODYSSEY SEASON 2 will pick up from where the first season left off: taking the audience on a wild roller-coaster ride through Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Eritrea, North Korea and Vietnam… a journey of over 30,000 miles around the Middle East, Central Asia, the Indian subcontinent, the Far East, South East Asia and into the endless blue of The South Pacific.

My bright and breezy presenting style is brought to the fore as I interact with Frankincense farmers from Oman, Muslim separatists in The Philippines, Maoist rebels in Nepal, the President of East Timor and the Bungee Jump King of New Zealand. Along the way I survive a close encounter with a gang of vicious Komodo dragons, come eye-to-eye with the orangutans of Borneo and tuck into a plate of live octopus in South Korea.

Armed with nothing but a backpack, camera and an iron will to succeed, I strive to make good on my promise to see my girlfriend in Australia again before the end of the year. Do I make it? You’ll have to watch to find out.

Note to production companies: THIS HAS ALL BEEN FILMED. You just have to edit it together.

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The Odyssey Season 3

Travel Documentary 8x30mins

Season 3 will cover the last two years of The Odyssey Expedition and trace my epic journey around the South Pacific, to New Zealand then back across Asia and the Indian Ocean to Africa for my 201st and final country: South Sudan – a country that did not even exist when I started the adventure. The last episode will cover my overland journey back to the UK (illegally scaling the great pyramid of Giza along the way), my reluctant return to Russia (this time with a visa) and finally being awarded the Guinness World Record certificate in February 2014.

Along the way, I dance with the highlanders of Papua New Guinea, meet the Prime Minister of Tuvalu, take High Tea in the shadow of Mt Doom, come face-to-face with the deadliest snake in the world and swim with the legendary jellyfish of Palau.

I strive to complete the task in the face of enormous pressure to give up and go home. Having not worked for almost three years, my budget was becoming increasingly stretched and my relationship with my girlfriend Mandy is becoming increasingly fraught. Will she put up with her man gallivanting around the world instead of being by her side? Again, you’ll have to watch to find out…

Note to production companies: THIS HAS ALL BEEN FILMED. You just have to edit it together.

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High Adventure in Faraway Lands!

Travel Documentary 8x60mins

For my next trick I wish to take you on a voyage of discovery to the dawn of mass tourism as we know it and show you what the world was like for travellers back in the 1880s when the first package tours to India, Australia, China and Africa were being touted on the streets of old London town.

It will be possible to expand High Adventure in Faraway Lands to three seasons.

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History Documentary 6x30mins

LANDLINES is a history programme which utilises a natural or manmade ‘line’ (a river, road, railway or wall) as a framing device to graphically represent the timeline of a region. For instance, the story of Russia will start in 1500 in Moscow, boarding the Trans-Siberian Express. By the time we reach the Urals we are in 1700 – the reign of Catherine II, Siberia will represent the bulk of Stalin’s regime and Vladivostok on the Pacific coast will represent 2013.

LANDLINES will present historical stories in a way that is accessible, entertaining and informative; ripping history out of the stuffy old books and plonking it down onto the very soil from whence it sprang.

They will be written and presented by Graham Hughes, a broadcaster and filmmaker from Liverpool in the UK who has already visited over 200 countries worldwide for the BBC television series Lonely Planet’s The Odyssey. He holds a degree in Politics and Modern History from Manchester University and is a double Guinness World Record holder.

Each season will take on a different “line” and the show will have enough material to run up to 8 seasons.

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Venus in Chains

Documentary 10x60mins

It has been over 200 years since the birth of modern feminism. From the publication of A Vindication of the Rights of Women by Mary Wollstonecraft in 1792 through to the Suffragette Movement at the turn of the century to the sexual liberation of the 1960s to the post-feminist writers of the modern age.

Has feminism completed its mission? Is it done?

According to a poll by the UK’s largest women’s website, just 1 in 7 British females regard themselves as feminists and 1 in 5 regard feminism as ‘old fashioned’ and simply ‘not relevant’ to their generation.

VENUS IN CHAINS sets out to explode that myth.

While things may be better (although still not perfect) for women in Europe and North America, in many places around the world, the position of women has, if anything, grown worse in recent decades.

From child brides in Bangladesh to enforced prostitution in The Philippines, sex-trafficking in Russia, female infanticide in China, female genital mutilation in North-East Africa, domestic violence in Sri Lanka, honour killings in Pakistan, female slavery in Mauritania, the illegalisation of abortion even in cases of rape in Ireland and women being stoned to death for being sexually assaulted in Saudi Arabia, these horrifying things are happening to almost half of the world’s population, and they are happening NOW.

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Scripted Drama 10x60mins

Lost meets Mad Max as a mining community in the Australian Outback is hit by a series of unsettling events as they repopulate ‘Nightingale’, a ghost-town from the 1880s and dig the land branded ‘cursed’ by the Aboriginal elders. Children go missing, a tap-tap-tapping sound from the mine drives a geologist insane, a disgraced priest preaches the apocalypse, men who have been trapped in the mines for over 100 years are found alive and well. Is it real? Or is it the dreaming?

Nightingale will run for four seasons and is envisioned as a strong ensemble production with elements of science-fiction, mystery, drama, intrigue, violence and lashings of delicious irony.

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This Is Hardcore

Scripted Comedy 6x30mins

This Is Hardcore is a jet-black sitcom set in the British porn industry in the 90s, best described as Peep Show meets One Foot In The Grave. The ‘hero’ of the tale our hapless everyman, Mark, who hates his life, hates his job, but events out of his control have forced him to direct grotty porn videos in a warehouse in Croydon. As the bailiffs close in and things seemingly can’t get any worse, a new face appears on set… things can always get worse.

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