Since I’ve visited every country in the world and have the ability to recall facts, figures and geopolitical information about each and every one, I’m uniquely placed as a travel writer. Give me a title and a word count and I’ll have rich, witty and (most importantly) informed content on your desktop about anywhere on the planet within the day.

My first book, Man of the World, has been awarded a Kirkus Star and is one of very few independently published travel memoirs that is available as an audiobook.

I’ve also written articles about travel for various publications – The Telegraph,, and devised fiendishly difficult travel quizzes, most notably for the 500th issue of British Airways’ HighLife Magazine.

Man of the World

MAN OF THE WORLD is the gripping account of the first year of my daring Guinness World Record™ attempt to visit every country on Earth using only surface-based transportation, told with refreshing candour in his own words. Buckle up for a rib-tickling multinational caper of courage, tenacity, love, friendship, danger, panic, passport stamps and geo-politics, washed down with copious amounts of alcohol.

“A riveting journey recounted by an irrepressible, highly likable narrator.”
Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

Keep Out! The Countries That Are Hardest to Visit

Taktshang Goemba, Tiger nest monastery, Bhutan

Although no country in the world is impossible to visit, a surprising number don’t make it easy, even for citizens of wealthy nations.

Sometimes it’s due to a curse of geography or a lack of infrastructure. Some countries don’t want mass tourism, while others are playing tit-for-tat — they say “we” make it difficult for “them.”

Then there are those that are just hopelessly paranoid and/or xenophobic. Here’s a quick run-down of places that are (seemingly) uninterested in you and your tourist dollar.

How I Visited Every Country In The World Without A Single Flight

On the morning of January 1 2009 I took a ferry from Buenos Aires to Colonia in Uruguay. This would be the first of many border crossings as I embarked on what I knew would be the biggest adventure of my life: the Odyssey Expedition, the first surface journey to every country in the world. It would take me to more than 200 countries, 60 islands and six continents. I thought I could do it in a year. It took the best part of four.

I would be travelling alone, on a shoestring budget and with no professional support: no camera crew following in 4x4s. It was me against the world.

10 Secrets For Cheap Travel From A World-Record Globetrotter

Get travel insurance © 2009-2013 Graham Hughes
See the world cheaply? Start with itinerary.

Steering clear of pricey destinations sounds like a no-brainer. We all know that travel in Japan, Norway and Australia costs a fortune, but did you know the most expensive city in Africa is in Angola? Senegal and Ethiopia are not exactly bargains either.

Before you go, check online for prices of hostels, and look up restaurants to see how much they’re charging for their least expensive dish. As a general rule, Southeast Asia and Latin America are cheap and cheerful, but even there you’ll find big differences in costs from one country to the next. Vietnam, Bolivia and Nicaragua always seem to give good value.

Can you beat this impossibly hard travel quiz? The world’s trickiest test (that only six per cent have managed to get correct).

Image result for travel quiz ba highlife

Do you know your roubles from your ringgit and are you the best at naming capitals among your friends?

A quiz has been devised by Graham Hughes, the first person to visit all 201 countries in the world without using a plane, to challenge the knowledge of those who consider themselves well-travelled. And shockingly so far, only six per cent of people who have taken the test have achieved a perfect score.

The team at invites you to find out whether you’re a just novice or the next Christopher Columbus.

A quiz has been devised by High Life BA to test well-travelled readers, and shocking so far, only six per cent of people who have taken the test have got a perfect score.


My standard fee for a newspaper, guest blog or web article is £250 + £0.10 per word.

I’m happy to negotiate depending on content and future work.


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