An incomplete compendium of my adventures from 1999 to when I began The Odyssey Expedition.

Last Exit To Serbia! (2007)

Video diary of an utterly bonkers roadtrip to a music festival in Serbia I undertook with my mate Stan.

Festival Diaries (2002-2008)

As insane as this might sound, I often take my video camera with me to festivals. Not to stand there like a chump filming the band all shaky-cam and blocking the view of the people behind me, but to dive right into the madness of it all.

The Gringo Trail (2002)

Video diary of my adventures in South America. A whirlwind tour of which took in Buenos Aires, Montevideo, The Andes, The Iguazu Falls, Rio de Janeiro, Bolivia, The Amazon Rainforest, the Nazca Line and The Inca Trail. 

The Wizards of Oz (2002)

Video diary of my big road trip around Australia with my then-girlfriend Mandy, from Melbourne to Adelaide through the Red Centre up to Darwin, then across to Townsville and then down the east coast through Brisbane, Sydney and Canberra.