Here you’ll find my vault of blogs, photos and videos from over 20 years of living a life less ordinary.


In the hot, heady, eclipse-dominated summer of 1999, I went on my first backpacking adventure. It took me to Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Turkey. Blogging was still in its infancy, People were still editing on VHS tapes. Google was less than a year old. YouTube didn’t exist. This was the decade that everything changed.


The Odyssey Expedition was the story of the first journey to every single country in the world without flying, a story that has become the stuff of legend. It spawned a successful TV series and a trilogy of books, the second of which will be out soon.


A few months after I finished The Odyssey Expedition, I was already looking for my next big adventure. I would have never have guessed that it would be winning my own private island in Panama on a gameshow.


Being a well-travelled gentleman of the road, I was utterly devastated by the events of 2016, the year the nativist morons won. I couldn’t sit idly by while they fed our children’s futures to the dogs, so I returned from Panama to the UK ready and willing to fight the good fight.