Career politicians often talk about “investment in the local area”. They think it means giving their buddies greenfield sites to build houses on, backhanders from businessmen to get preferential rates and “letting the market dictate” whether a place succeeds or not.

But as you might have already gathered, I think differently.

I want to talk to you about a real investment in our most precious natural resource: us.

Protecting the people

I feel that we need to address something fundamental to our very existence as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland: Why do we bother having a government in the first place?

I have a one word answer to that question: PROTECTION.

We need protection from foreign invading armies so we have a military. We need protection from ignorance so we have schools. We need protection from people who mean us harm so we have laws, police and a judiciary. We need protection from disease so we have an NHS. We need protection from tyrants so we have a robust parliamentary system. That’s all well and good.

But for some reason, successive governments seem to be more interested in protecting you from yourself. We see this in the illegality of narcotics and the lack of support for euthanasia.

Meanwhile, they have badly let us down by failing to protect us against companies that seek to rip us off (pay day loans at 1,945%APR??!), pay low wages, avoid paying tax and abuse monopolies.

This is a disgrace and an affront to our rights. Given the chance, I would oversee robust protections for all consumers in our nation, ban gambling firms, lawyers and payday loanshark companies from advertising, cap any lending rate at 29.9% APR and remove the loopholes that allow big business to get away with trading in our country without paying their fair share of tax.


Too many politicians see their constituents as a nuisance to be tolerated while they’re busy feathering their nests. I take the opposite view. The lives, dreams, aspirations and opinion of the people I’m paid to represent will be at the very heart of everything I do.

To that end, I propose weekly town meetings at St Mary’s Church in West Derby village, which I will attend along with our local councillors. These meetings will be a chance for local people to make our voices heard, plan for the future of our community and meet our neighbours.

These meetings will also be live-streamed on our constituency Facebook page, allowing constituents who can’t make it in person to follow proceedings and submit questions. I know Liverpool, I know Liverpudlians. We’re a passionate, informed and compassionate lot (funny too). These meetings will be fantastic for our community spirit and an opportunity for us to work together to make our home the best it can be.

Community Projects

The Tories are pushing for a more selfish, individualistic nation in which everybody stays in their little village, terrified of the outside world. I mean to fight against this with every fibre of my being. One of the ways we will do this is by us all sitting down and designing the way we want our community to look, getting involved, helping each other, our constituency and our city.

Ending the Brain Drain

Too many of our young people leave for London “where the jobs are”. A mix of affordable housing initiatives and real day-to-day support for entrepreneurs will ensure the next generation of businessmen and women find themselves inclined to live and work in a community that is as inclusive as it is diverse.