“We are building for eternity” – Sir Christopher Wren

I believe that we need to stop wallowing in the past, imagining some golden glorious age that never actually existed. We need to start looking to the future, not just the next 5 years, not just the next 50 years, but to the next 500 years.

Liverpool could pave the way. With the River Mersey enjoying a spring tide of over 10 metres, (the second highest in the UK) tidal turbines would produce clean, cheap and constant energy for the entire city’s needs.

New builds would have to incorporate solar panels and we will offer subsidies for those who wish to install solar in their homes. I’ve lived off solar for the last three years and it’s quite simply amazing.

We can run a competition with Manchester to see which of us can become Britain’s first carbon neutral city. Us Scousers love a competition (just ask the Geordies about their Capital of Culture bid!) and I for one would relish beating the Mancs while helping to secure a cleaner, greener future for our children.