Short Films


In between paid gigs, I shot a few no-budget shorts with the help of my friends, usually for competitions.

First up is The Censor which we (rather cheekily) put together for a MySpace competition (remember MySpace?!). Second is Day of the Jackanape which had to be scripted, filmed, edited and delivered on DVD (remember DVDs?!) within 48 hours. It went up against 15 other shorts and went on to win the inaugural Liverpool 48 Hour Film Competition.

Third up is Jedi Knight Out, a 30-second short that won the UK MTV Star Wars shorts competition – bagging me tickets to the Leicester Square premiere of Star Wars Episode III.

Finally, we have Hey Spaceman! which we made for a Doritos’s competition. It didn’t get anywhere but I think it’s boss – we even made a giant Dorito costume for it.

Imagine what marvels I could conjure up (and how much money I could make you) if I had some sort of budget…!

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