The Eurodyssey Challenge (2017)

50 Countries. 3 Weeks. No Flights.

The Eurodyssey Challenge was my latest madcap adventure. The challenge? Visiting all 50 countries of Europe in three weeks… without flying.

A 21 day test of endurance from Iceland to Cyprus via Russia, Scotland and Portugal using only trains, buses and ferries. Over 100 critical connections in a non-stop race which stretched my proven capacity to travel night and day to its very limits. In doing this I hoped to set a brand new Guinness World Record™ and throw down the gauntlet for others who will undoubtedly follow, as well as helping to raise funds for UNHCR, the United Nations agency responsible for the well-being of the 65 million displaced people of the world.



08-09-17 06.33am GMT 

+++I did it!!! EVERY COUNTRY IN EUROPE WITHOUT FLYING IN JUST THREE WEEKS AND 22 HOURS!!! Thank you thank you THANK YOU to all who helped make the Eurodyssey Challenge a success!+++


6.33am GMT Day 22:


 01 Iceland
Faroe Islands^
 02 Denmark
 03 Sweden
 04 Norway
 05 Finland
 06 Estonia
 07 Latvia
 08 Lithuania
 09 Belarus
 10 Russia
 11 Poland
 12 Germany
 13 Netherlands
 14 Belgium
 15 France
 16 England*
 17 Wales*
 18 Ireland
 19 N Ireland*
 20 Scotland*
 21 Luxembrg
22 Spain
23 Portugal
24 Andorra
25 Monaco

26 Italy
27 Switzerland
28 Liechtenstein
29 Austria
30 Czechia
31 Slovakia
32 Hungary
33 Romania
34 Moldova
35 Ukraine
36 Bulgaria
37 Macedonia
38 Kosovo*
39 Montenegro
40 Albania
41 Serbia
42 Bosnia & Hzgv
43 Croatia
44 Slovenia
45 San Marino
46 Vatican City*
47 Malta
48 Greece
49 Turkey
  Northern Cyprus^
50 Cyprus

* = Not a UN member state, but included in the Eurodyssey 50
^ = Autonomous Territory or State, not included in the Eurodyssey 50


I travel so I can have the time of my life, others travel because they’re fleeing for their lives.

There are more displaced people in the world today than there has ever been in human history, many running from conflicts we fuelled and weapons that we sold. We really need to get our act together and take responsibility. In the meantime, the UNHCR is working hard ensuring critical supplies make it to those who need it most: milk for babies, medicine for children and tents for families who would otherwise freeze over the winter. The least we can do is lend them our support.

Click Here To Support the UNHCR
Click Here To Support the UNHCR


Huge thanks to Cricket Averett, my incredible travel buddy, without whom this never could have happened.

Thanks to Alex Haynok for her invaluable logistical support.

Thanks also to Simone Cannizzo, Ciaran Donovan, Oliver Ontiveros, Gui Carvalho, Monica Liberati, Thierry Klinklin, Lindsey Bennett, Irene Hughes and all who helped along the way, all those who supported my crowdfunder and all those who gave to the UNHCR.