Along with the TV and Radio interviews I’ve done, I racked up a good amount of column inches during and following my quest around the world. I’m always happy to do interviews, not written ones though (unless you pay me), so get in touch via the Contact page.

As with the my other interviews, I should add that all of these interviews were set up without the help of a publicist, I write all my press releases myself and this is just a small selection of the dozens of interviews I’ve done over the past 7 years.

BBC News

CNN Business Traveller

The Hindu

The Japan Times

The Fiji Times

The Guardian

The Telegraph

The Mail

The Independent

The Liverpool Echo

The Arab Times

Gulf News

The Mumbai Mirror

Huffington Post

ABC Australia

Sky News

The Mirror

The Independent

Esquire Magazine (US)

BA High Life Magazine (UK)

Hostel World

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