GDH-Banner7-2016Hi, I’m Graham Hughes.

Four years ago I completed one of the toughest travel challenges of all time – visiting every country without flying.

The Odyssey Expedition spanned 1,492 days and over 220 countries and territories. It has been called “the most hilarious solo travel adventure of all time” and the first book of the unholy trilogy I’ve written about my travels is now available to buy online, in book shops and round the back of the bikesheds.

Man of the World by Graham Hughes
Man of the World – Click to buy it now!

Soon afterwards, I won a tropical island in a gameshow.


This website is my CV, portfolio, showreel, soapbox and LinkedIn profile all rolled into one, plus some ramblings on the side. I’ve got a degree in Politics and Modern History from Manchester University, I’ve studied film and screenwriting under the auspices of the British Film Council and I’ve devised, directed, filmed, presented and produced an eight-part TV series for Lonely Planet, National Geographic, Travel Channel and the BBC. I am uniquely talented and exceptionally good at what I do, which I hope you find self-evident from the content of this site (which, like all my sites, I create, design, write and update myself).

Pretty2-Ban-GDH-2016Here on grahamdavidhughes.com you’ll be able to access the mother lode – hours of videos, thousands of photographs and over one million words of content – blogs, screenplays, articles, books, pitches… it’s all getting put online over the next few months, so keep ’em peeled.

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