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Welcome, Stranger!

I’m Graham Hughes — adventurer, filmmaker, writer, presenter, political activist and Guinness World Record™ holder from Liverpool, England.

I am the first person to visit every country in the world without flying!

I am also the winner of Jinja Island, the presenter of Lonely Planet’s The Odyssey, founder of Global Scouse Day and show runner of Politics Social on YouTube.

Welcome to grahamdavidhughes.com

Here you can find out more about me, get in touch, and keep up to date with my latest ventures, adventures and misadventures!


Politics Social is my main YouTube channel, enjoying over 40,000 subscribers and new content every day.

Together with Phil Moorhouse, SuperTanskiii, Rachel Harris, Ollie Bowlerhatman, Ben Chambers, Femi Oluwole, Jon Morter, Aid Thompsin and many others, we discuss, dissect and poke fun at the news, politics and issues of the day, through a dynamic blend of live videos and pre-recorded content.

We offer a platform where viewers are not just spectators, but active participants in the conversation. Join the discourse, challenge ideas, and help reshape the political landscape.

Head to youtube.com/@politicssocialuk to see for yourself!

The Odyssey Expedition was my Guinness World Record setting journey to every single country in the world without flying. 250,000km over land and sea. 201 countries, 4 years, no flights. Needless to say, it was an adventure of epic proportions. 

Jinja Island is the island in the Caribbean that I won on an American gameshow. I know, I know! I lived there off-grid for three years and had a total blast. Head over to jinjaisland.com to find out how it all came about… and even how you can go visit!
UK For Ukraine is about doing what we can to support the Ukrainians in their bitter struggle against the imperialist Russian invaders. We’ve organised several trips to the Ukrainian border with medical and humanitarian aid, and taken dozens of refugees to safe havens around Europe.  Find out more at UK4UKR.com.
Now a fixture on Liverpool’s social calendar, Global Scouse Day began as an annual “scouse supper” held at my flat in north Liverpool every February 28th. Thanks to the tireless efforts of cake baking supremo Laura Worthington and celebrity chef Dave Critchley, it has grown year-on-year and now sees over 100 pubs, cafes and restaurants put scouse on the menu, raising funds for local charities in the process. Read more at globalscouseday.com
Produced by Lonely Planet TV, commissioned by National Geographic and distributed by the BBC, Graham’s World traced the first year and 133 countries of The Odyssey Expedition. I devised, filmed and presented this landmark eight-episode series, which has been broadcast in over 70 countries worldwide.


Read all about it! A riotous account of the first year of my journey to every country in the world without flying. Follow the adventure as I overcome hell and high water, running the blockade into Cuba, being arrested trying to sneak into Russia and being locked up (twice!) in Africa for crimes I did not commit. Kirkus Reviews calls it “A riveting journey recounted by an irrepressible, highly likable narrator.”

Now that we’ve imposed crippling trade sanctions on ourselves as if we’ve just lost a major war, and rid our majestic kingdom of them pesky foreigners who came over here and did all the jobs we didn’t want to do, we are finally free to eat the godawful food of our once and glorious past: cheap and tasteless dishes of low nutritional value such as stewed pigeon, bone soup and boiled sheep’s head.


Website lovingly created by Graham Hughes, 2024

MAN OF THE WORLD kicks off The Odyssey Expedition trilogy, the gripping true-life account of madcap adventurer Graham Hughes’s daring world record attempt to visit every country on Earth without flying, told with refreshing candour in his own words.

Buckle up for a rib-tickling multinational caper of courage, tenacity, love, friendship, danger, panic, passport stamps and geopolitics, washed down with copious amounts of alcohol.

“A riveting journey recounted by an irrepressible, highly likeable narrator.” — Kirkus Reviews

MAN OF THE WORLD is available as a paperback, audiobook and eBook.

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Man of the World by Graham Hughes Paperback
SIGNED Paperback £12+ p&p

Audiobook £20

Man of the World eBook
eBook £5

Fill out this form, pay by Paypal or card, and I'll pop a signed copy of Man of the World in the post for just £12 plus postage and packing.

If you are outside the UK, it'll cost a little more as you'll have to cover the postage, so just fill in your details and I will contact you via email.

Please allow up to 28 days for delivery.

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