I’m Graham Hughes; adventurer, presenter, director and author from West Derby, Liverpool.

I went to Broughton Hall Infants and Blackmoor Park Primary before being selected to attend the Liverpool Blue Coat which I left with A-Levels in Politics, History, English and General Studies.

I went on to study Politics and Modern History at Manchester University, graduating in the year 2000 with a 2:1 BA Honours degree.

I then set up a video production company, first based in Dale Street and then in the Baltic Triangle (before it was cool). I got to work with many of Liverpool’s favourite musicians and actors and won competitions with the micro-budget short films I put together with my friends and family.

In 2009 I embarked on a quest to become the first person to visit every country in the world without flying. I did it alone, without any professional support and on a shoestring budget, filming an eight-part TV series along the way for Lonely Planet, National Geographic and the BBC. My achievement set two brand-new Guinness World Records, both of which remain unbroken.

Soon afterwards I took part in a Survivor-like gameshow in America, which I won. The prize was a 2.2 acre private island in the Caribbean, just off the coast of Panama. I named it “Jinja Island” and opened it to anybody who wanted to stay.

For the past three years I’ve been surviving on solar power, rainwater collection, fish and coconuts (and occasional trips to the mainland for beer) while writing my memoirs.

But now this snap election has been called, it’s time for me to return to Liverpool, the city I know and love above all others, the city I’ll always call home.

My job? To save this great nation of ours, threatened with bankruptcy and ruination like never before — from within and without.

I’ve seen the world in all its ridiculousness and glory. I’ve seen the squalor and opulence, the light and the dark, the things that work, the things that don’t. I’ve seen humanity at its worst… and at its best. I’ve seen what will happen if we continue down this road of protectionism, isolationism and fear.

I will not stand idly by while the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland stumbles eyes-open into the void, a lonely and forgotten backwater, a shadow of its former self, closed off to the world. 

History is there to be studied, not to be repeated. It’s time for us to build a better future for everybody, not just the privileged few.

Join me.